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Copy and paste the entire txt message you get from ATT and click the button to view your message.

I do not store any infomation.

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If you get an error at the att site once you are forwarded to saying Invalid path /1/en/1/en... was requested. That is an ATT bug. Try again later. Wait at least 30 minutes

This site was created because I use a 2G iphone and find viewmymessage to be a pain in the rear. I wanted an easy way to login with a few clicks instead of having to remember and manually enter the codes. With you can easily copy and paste the entire txt message into this form and in one click view your MMS message. Requires you do be on firmware that supports copy and paste. I belive this is 3.0 or later. Just click your txt message and then select copy. Open in safari. Click in the form and select paste. Then Click "ViewMyMessageNow on Edge" We retrieve your message and pass it along.